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Many years of fire appliances do not check security risks
Ignition Difficulty
The cooker does not clean for a long time, the fire hole is easy to jam and not catch fire
The firepower is getting smaller.
Long time does not clean the cooker, the vent hole is obstructed, the firepower becomes small
Frequently do not clean the cooker, resulting in the air inlet is not smooth, burning is not sufficient
The firepower is getting smaller.
Perennial do not clean, do not check, tracheal aging, blockage prone to leakage
Check the cleaning, the fire hole is blocked, the fire is uneven
Uneven firepower.
Often do not check, the fire cover piled up a lot of oil, easy aging
Fire Cover Aging Fast
Professional Security Service Personnel 6 steps to help you handle  
Burner Cleaning
Thoroughly assist you to clean the burner and clear the long The accumulation of oil, to solve the problem of ignition
Air tightness Check
Check the trachea, valve, valve body whether there is a leak Nip
Ventilation inspection
Installation or adjustment of the cooker is ventilated, directly Affect fire and safety, not to be neglected
Safety detection of external gas source
Service life of gas cylinders, stability of valve Whether the interface is aging, we must check the item
Intake Hose Aging Inspection
Gas hose safety can not be underestimated, aging
Problem corrosion and bitten by rats Problem
Indoor Gas content Test
To help you detect the gas concentration in the kitchen after use Whether normal, timely find problems, do Early processing
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