Three major changes to kitchens brought by kitchen electric new darling

Issuing time:2018-03-15 14:39

Changes in kitchen operating environment-from smoky to smokeless cooking Lampblack contains a variety of harmful compounds to the human body, can lead to skin aging, loss of appetite, annoyance and exhaustion, such as smoke syndrome, long-term inhalation of oil fume will induce asthma, bronchitis, lung cancer and other diseases. And China's family "boiled" women have endured the oil fume of the intrusion, physical and mental destruction.

Honnoni integrated stove through side suction platoon, thoroughly solve the kitchen lampblack problem, help more Chinese women from smoky cooking transformation completely out.

Change of home pattern--from closed space to open kitchen

Integrated kitchen set smoking machine, cooker, disinfection cabinets, storage cabinets, bowls and baskets equal to one, not only to maximize the saving of kitchen space, but also to reduce the kitchen and living room partition, will be really open to the kitchens, upgrade the decoration of fashionable high-grade quality.

Cooking and home mood changes-from restlessness to ease of pleasure The chaotic and noisy world is separated from the door, to create a door is not the quiet and warm atmosphere, more can breed outside the door can not grow affection, love and friendship.

For example, on weekends, you can invite friends, girlfriends to start a delicate kitchen party, compared to the outside of the greasy restaurant, the family's open kitchen dinner is even more surprising, all the people sitting around the table, cooking food, a chat life, more comfortable.

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