What if the household appliances are dirty? Use the following tips

Issuing time:2018-02-27 00:00

1, Tim 3 cups of white vinegar in the 50-degree hot water, the water into the washing machine, to the washing machine about 1/2 of the position can be placed in half an hour after static transfer to the maximum power operation. 2, the second time after drainage with water rinse, clean and new to buy exactly the same.

The above methods are applicable to both top-lift and front-mounted washing machines.

Cleaning method for front-mounted washing machine

1, prepare a cup of white vinegar, 5-6 drops of essential oil, melt together.

2, with a brush dipped into the essence of oil and white vinegar mixture, around the laundry bucket scrub a lap, you can scrub more than a few times. 3, the difference is very big?

I feel completely changed to a new washing machine.

Refrigerator Cleaning method 1, refrigerator Clean first step, the inside of the storage to take out.

Then, use bleach to mix warm soapy water in the spray bottle, shaking evenly, where not clean spray where.

2, after spraying bleach, with a sponge or clean cloth wipe clean, and then rinse off stains with water, immediately become different!

TV Cleaning method

1, the TV is dirty in addition to dust reasons, it may be the screen brightness has become low, with alcohol and dust-proof fiber cloth wipe.

2, soon the screen will be shiny as new, this method of mobile phones and computers, such as flash screen appliances also apply OH.


1, first of all, with a cloth stained with water to clean the shell part, to find the air conditioning panel on both sides of the clasp, pushing open the air-conditioning panel, exposing the screen.

2. Push the hands lightly and remove the strainer.

3, with brush dip to take warm soapy water, from the back of the screen cleaning, dust quickly disappeared.

Drinking water dispenser Pour 1 cups of hot water and 1 cups of white vinegar in the sink, 20 minutes and then run the faucet.

During the waiting period, you can soak the white vinegar with a clean cloth and rub the valve and faucet switch.


Melt the baking soda in the water, dip the soda with a rag, rub it hard, and watch it get brighter.

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