What's the most scary thing about the kitchen?

Issuing time:2018-03-15 14:33

What is the kitchen afraid of?

     The most fear of oil fume raging, because the kitchen is a warm place for the family to have a delicious meal, but also love the Housewives show the craft stage, who can endure the inferior fumes of their beloved cooking holy places? Chinese fried fry in the process will bring a large number of kitchen fume, quietly swallowed the health of the family, kitchen fume ingredients complex containing 200~300 harmful substances, family health is the "enemy ".

     General integrated stoves can only absorb 80-90% fume, fume to be sucked through the face, will lead to smoked eyes, skin dark yellow and so on.

     And Granville can be more integrated stove because of the use of side suction platoon technology, smoking effect in 99.5%, in the "Golden Control zone" will not have time to spread the smoke suction, never let the Lampblack back, refused the second bedroom pollution. Many families wait until the smoke produced in large quantities to open the range hood, it is too late.

     In this way, the cleanliness of the house can not be guaranteed, and the smoke will enter the lungs of people, causing human harm.

     Granville can be more integrated stoves to take this into account the design of the smoke cooker linkage and automatic delay function, open the gas stove, the smoke machine automatically open work to absorb the harmful gas in the air, the end of the work automatically delayed 2 minutes, continue to absorb the remaining kitchen fume. Smoke-free at the same time, Granville can be more integrated stoves using High-tech intelligent, low-carbon energy-saving, oxygen full, 4.8KW super firepower, fire efficient, more suitable for Chinese family cooking habits.

     Straight-spinning design, full combustion, strong firepower and other functions so that you enjoy stable and safe care, so that every time under the kitchen feel at ease.

     Cooking in the face of the kitchen to clean many families and helpless, Granville can be more integrated stoves with intelligent heat cleaning technology, automatic melting grease, stains, keep the body inside clean, since then clean do not ask, every day with a new machine. Changes in the Times to promote the development of kitchen appliances, Granville can be more integrated stoves to make our kitchen environment from a smoke-filled, people are deterred from the place into our taste buds on the paradise.

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