Let yourself down the kitchen

Issuing time:2018-03-15 14:33

For those who love cooking and do not like cooking, the kitchen fume may be their nightmare, so if there is a good integrated stove, cooking, fume can be sucked in time, this will greatly enhance the environment of the kitchen.

But is the integration stove as long as the suction is big enough?

      The style shape decides you buy not to buy

      Choose an integrated stove, it is very important to look good, if the shape is not your taste,

Or with your home decoration style does not match, then finally you will probably not choose No "eye edge" style.

      Suction is one of the most important concerns. Whether the smoke can be smoked will also be a focus, but also the most concerned about, after all, the cooking fume is the cooker's job. Granville can be more integrated stoves to achieve 16±1³/min above the large suction.

If you like the users of Chinese fry, then there is a large suction of the lampblack machine is very necessary.

   Cleaning methods worth paying attention to The oil box design of the integrated stove, the panel material, the screen design and so on are the factors that affect the cleaning of the lampblack machine, and different integration stoves will have different designs in these details.

      Granville can be more integrated stoves with self-cleaning function,  

      By heating the internal volute, grease is melted into the oil collecting box at high temperature to achieve automatic cleaning effect. A good integrated stove can directly enhance the culinary experience, and the improvement of the kitchen air quality will be of great help.

      Modelling, style, suction, cleaning methods in these areas may be the majority of consumers will be in the choice of integrated stoves to consider the problem. Granville can be a number of integrated stove range hood, gas stoves, disinfection cabinets, storage cabinets in one, not only is the kitchen artifact, but also the value of the kitchen to serve, to meet the Chinese family complex cooking needs, more convenient and healthier!

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