Large suction, side suction bottom row of the integrated stove

Issuing time:2018-03-15 14:34

Home is the harbor of happiness, is the birthplace of happiness. Kitchen, as an important part of home. And the relatives of their own cooking dishes of warmth is money can not buy.

    The warmth of home and deep concern in the daily steaming table present. Do not know from when start, every time into the kitchen is like a "blood boiling" concert.

    Pots and pans of the collision sound, shovel and frying pan friction, stir fry when the sound, and, the most unbearable hood hum.

    Once you step into the kitchen, in the hood, under the influence of loud voice, family communication all by shouting, imagine the daily face of such a loud kitchen, who will have the mind to cook cooking.

    And what about being a wife and motherhood?

    Every day to run the job and the market, around the stove preparation of the family's meals, although happiness is also unavoidably be full of smoke infected with sadness, especially in scorching hot summer, the face can continue to exquisite?

    In the face of the smoke-smoking machine, wall, women can continue to cook gracefully?

    Easy farewell to the kitchen fumes, Granville can be a large suction integrated stove kitchen is definitely the best helper. The core technology of a product is essential, it is the soul of an integrated stove. Granville can be more integrated stove large suction, to create cutting-edge industry technology, so that immediately suck.

   Close suction, full speed suction, mute suction, safe suction. In addition to the core technology, the advent of each product has undergone continuous development and rigorous testing.

   Granville can have more professional research and development team, to ensure the efficiency of product performance and stability. From selection to production, Granville can be more than every step of the precise calculation and careful selection.

   Sheet metal, stamping, grinding, spraying, Granville can have more than one workshop assembly line, equipped with professionals to ensure the normal operation of each production line.

   In this way after a layer of process, a large suction integrated stove packaging out of the library, into the front of consumers, and 99.5% of the smoke suction net rate, by the unanimous love and recognition of consumers. Cooking is a happy thing for the people you love and love.

   and cooking itself is a complex physical work, this physical activity, often need a woman's patience and ingenuity to complete. Such being the case, may as well give the family woman to prepare an integrated stove, the graceful cooking, does not have the rush, the noise is greasy, only elegant wife and good kitchen.

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