The thing about choosing the kitchen

Issuing time:2018-03-15 14:34

Kitchen decoration is difficult, the kitchen electricity choice is tired. This is a lot of decoration people know.

     Because each person's knowledge view, the understanding view, restricts to see the question angle and the way method, therefore this also causes each kind of dispute vexed matter to push to come.

     In fact, is to buy a traditional kitchen electricity three sets, or integrated stoves, what kind of integrated stoves to buy, now these are ordinary will consider the problem.

    Traditional smoke machine hanging above the top of the head, smoking holes in the smoke machine below, water down, oil drops, you need to often wipe the oil net, otherwise the oil will be stained with the fan, not only the noise, but also poor smoking effect, smoke suction net rate between 40%--60%. Traditional three-piece use of a long time, smoking bin grease is difficult to dispel, affecting the effect of oil fume, resulting in fume can not be discharged, the kitchen fume diffuse.

    In the kitchen, it is like living in the celestial atmosphere of the sky-shrouded environment.

    But the composition of the oil fume is generally aldehyde, ketone, fatty acid, alcohol, aromatic compounds, heterocyclic compounds, etc., it will cause loss of appetite, chronic keratitis, rhinitis, pharyngitis, rough skin and other problems, and even serious will cause cancer. If you live in a kitchen like this every day, you'll only get tired of being physically and mentally exhausted. And now don't worry. Kotian integration stove to get you out of this mess!

    Compared with the traditional smoke machine, Kotian integrated stove wind wheel, motor in the following, the distance of smoking more near, smoke just a generation can be quickly sucked away, up to 99.95% of the smoke absorption rate, so that the kitchen close to 0 lampblack environment. Kotian Integrated Stove It is a collection of smoke, gas stoves, disinfection cabinets, storage cabinets, seasoning racks and other multi-functional in one of the kitchen appliances, not only to save the cost of a piece of cabinets, but also to save the kitchen space, to achieve a real saving time and effort to save space. The kitchen's decoration style is more selective, can reflect your life taste more.

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