What the integration stove can bring to your kitchen

Issuing time:2018-03-15 14:36

With the increasing awareness of environmental protection of consumers, the integration of stoves began to go into the cause of mass consumption, occupy more and more kitchen electricity market.

Compared to the traditional cooker and range hood, because the integration of stoves save the kitchen space and kitchen environment, but also become an open kitchen necessities. 1. Create an economical kitchen.

The use of environmental protection integrated stoves can save a lot of kitchen decoration and construction costs, while saving the kitchen footprint, create more space for the kitchen, so that the kitchen to achieve "island-style", "open" smoke-free kitchen. 2. Make the kitchen more practical.

As an integrated cooker, the integrated stove integrates the atmosphere stove, the infrared stove and the electromagnetic stove, three kinds of cooker can meet the different needs of the consumers at the same time, and the super large capacity drawer type oil box, more convenient to clean, make the kitchen cleaner, neat, bright. 3. The kitchen is open for integration stoves.

As a new innovation in the kitchen, the integrated stove created a side-suction oil fume working way, thoroughly solved the traditional range hood smoke from above easily caused the kitchen fume elegant and pollution of the room environment difficulties, environmental integration stoves, so that the real consumer to create a smoke-free comfortable, bright open kitchen. 4. Make the kitchen more comfortable.

Through the rational use of aerodynamic principles, the thorough removal of soot, so that the exclusion rate of 99.9% or more, so that consumers from smoke fumigation and high-temperature baking, really create a comfortable kitchen. 5. Make the kitchen more fashionable. Integration of modern kitchen innovative design concept of the overall kitchen design to make the kitchen lines and color more collocation, so that landscaping kitchen become arbitrary.

At the same time put the cooker on the windowsill can also make the cause of wider, so that the kitchen atmosphere more vivid.

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